About Me

Hey hey, I’m René Schimmelpfennig. Don’t forget the é! 😉

photo of me

I work as a software engineer with asp.net, dotnet, C#, React and TypeScript on Microsoft Azure.
For any business cases have a look on my CV.

In my spare time I build IoT devices with Platform.io, ESP32, Arduino in C++ and release all the stuff on my Github.

Microcontrollers: Arduino Nano, ESP32 and Raspberry Pico
Arduino Nano, ESP32 and Raspberry Pico (from left to right)

I run a home-server on Raspberry OS with Docker and Home Assistant.
Together with a friend we have our own podcast about the TV series Westworld.

Lots of more details about my projects you found in my showroom.

Have I mentioned that I like (red) squirrels? 🌰🌰🌰🌰 🤤

red squirrel on a tree
Source: @supergios