Hey hey, hier ist René Schimmelpfennig

Software Engineer 👨‍💻, Fahrrad Aktivist 🚴‍♀️, Tüftler (IoT & Smarthome) 👨‍🔧, Podcaster 🎤, Retro Games 🎮 & Eichhörnchenzüchter 🐿️


Ich habe mich entschlossen meinen Blog auf die deutsche Sprache umzustellen. Einfach weil es mir viel leichter fällt und ich auch vorwiegend Leser aus dem deutschen Sprachraum habe. Die vorhandenen Artikel werde ich nach und nach übersetzen.

Tschüss Berlin

In der Schule machten wir oft Ausflüge nach Berlin. Ob Besuche in Museen oder des Weihnachtsmarktes am Alexanderplatz (da wo heute das ALEXA steht). Mit meinem Vater auf die Internationale Funkaufstellung die Neusten Technikerrungenschaften bestaunen oder Shoppen mit Freunden. Berlin war immer die große Stadt von der ich auf eine Art fasziniert war, weil man dort alles bekommen konnte (Online Shopping war noch Anfang der 2000er noch nicht sehr stark verbreitet).

I modded my Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was my third console (first the SNES, second the Xbox classic). I purchased it in 2009 after a long period of consideration. I was still a student and was happy when I could clear my head with video games. Little by little, my game collection took on a large size. I bought a lot of used games on “eBay Kleinanzeigen”. That was cheap. But little by little, the console gathered dust under my TV.

Why I'm using PlatformIO instead Arduino IDE

Mostly I developing for the ESP32 board. I love the ESP32 because it has a big community (many helpful libraries and documentations) and have integrated Bluetooth and WiFi. But the programming is horrible with the Arduino Editor because some nice features I missed: package management (It’s not very easy to describe which libraries in which versions I have used at development for people who try to compile my projects from Github) modern code editor features like syntax highlighting, code auto completion (why the Arduino IDE can’t remember that I decleared some variables in the top?

CorsixTH - an open-source 'Theme Hospital' clone

When I was a kid in 1998, I was flipping through my gaming magazine and curiously put the magazine CD in my drive and came across the demo version of “Theme Hospital”, I couldn’t have guessed that this game would inspire me almost 20 years later. “Theme Hospital” is a fun hospital simulation from Bullfrog at first glance: you create rooms, hire doctors and staff. Take care of patients with their diseases.

How I became a software engineer

In this post I would like to look back to the origin of my PC affinity, which later influenced my professional career. Technology enthusiastIt started quite early, in my childhood. Even at a young age, I was strongly excited and attracted by everything technical, electronic. Walking with my parents through the department store, left and right pretty clothes, all kinds of household utensils but I was driven to the game consoles: Here you could try out for myself and dive into strange worlds.