Let's go - My new homepage

Hello, yes you are right here. Even if you were redirected from reneschimmelpfennig.de. There is news for you.

Since 2003 I have my own homepage, which is publicly available at www.reneschimmelpfennig.de . At that time I was still a student and made my high school diploma. I was the only one from the class with an own domain, probably also the only one who dealt with HTML in his spare time. Since the beginning I use WordPress as CMS. In between there was also an attempt to write and use my own CMS more bad than good in PHP (luckily nobody hacked me at that time).

For a while I thought that my blog would be completely replaced by Facebook. But that wasn’t the case (meanwhile I don’t have a Facebook account anymore). The self-hosted possibility to publish content has a lot of advantages. I mean without getting into the conspiracy corner: Above all, I can decide for myself how to set up the site, who I give access to, whether I want to allow comments and especially how everything should look.

A while ago I decided to use my blog more often again. To document my (numerous) projects in it and make them accessible to a larger audience. So I dare to take a next big step: Switch to the coding-lemur domain and change the language to english. As CMS I decided to use Hugo . It’s a Go based static site generator. Thanks to Philipp for the recommendation.

  • more lightweight (no tracking, faster loading times)
  • switch the language to english
  • showroom for my projects
  • allow comments (to interact with you)

I will gradually transfer all the important articles from my old blog here. If you miss something: my old homepage is still available for a while: https://archive.reneschimmelpfennig.de