Hello Mastodon

I have had my Twitter account since 2009, when I created it for a university project. A whole time not actively used and only in my active time as a bike activist almost like an addict used. I’ve been upset by all the bad news for a long time, so I only check Twitter from time to time. At the moment I have three accounts. Each for its specific target group: one as a bicycle and do-gooder, one for the Ostworld podcast and one, still quite little used, for my development topics.

After Elon Musk bought Twitter in the middle of the year (in my humble opinion for way too much money), I looked around for free alternatives. Many moved to Mastodon long before that. This is an open source social network, which you can also host yourself. Each instance is connected to the other instances, so you can also build a large reach. In the meantime I moved my coding-lemur account there where I will try to post regularly. You are welcome to follow me there: @codinglemur